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Winners of the ISUILS2017 Best Poster Presenter Awards

This year, the following four presenters were awarded the Best Poster Presenter Award at ISUILS2017 held in Lijiang, China.
  • Qiqi Zhang (The University of Tokyo)
    "CEP dependence of H migration in methanol in a few-cycle laser pulse"
  • Samuel Beaulieu (INRS and University of Bordeaux)
    "Attosecond-resolved photoionization of chiral molecules"
  • Toshiaki Ando (The University of Tokyo)
    "Fourier transform spectroscopy of methanol cation using intense near infrared few-cycle laser pulses"
  • Katsuya Oguri (NTT Basic Research Laboratories)
    "Development of time-resolved APRES and absorption spectroscopy system based on quasi-monocycle-pulse driven high-harmonic source"
An awarding ceremony was held during the symposium banquet on November 2nd at Dian Jun Wang Hotel, Lijiang. Congratulations!
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