International Symposium on Ultrafast Intense Laser Science
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Poster Session
P-1 Strong Field Ionization of Three-Electron Atoms
  L.Roso*, C.Ruiz and L.Plaja (*Univ. of Salamanca)
P-2 Ab-initio calculations of double ionization beyond the one-dimensional approximation
  C.Ruiz*, S.Baier, L.Plaja, L.Roso and A.Becker (*Univ. of Salamanca)
P-3 Multiple Ionization of Atoms in Strong Laser Fields
  A.Rudenko*, Th.Ergler, K.Zrost, B.Feuerstein, Jesus, C.D.Schr・er, R.Moshammer, J.Ullrich (*Max-Planck Inst.)
P-4 Theoretical study of bond dissociation of ethanol in an intense laser field
-mechanism and application to controlling bond dissociation-
  Y.Sato*, S.Koseki, H.Kono, Y.Fujimura (*Tohoku Univ.)
P-5 Control of Dissociative Ionization of Ethanol by Two-Color Femtosecond Laser Pulses
  F.Kannari*, H.Yazawa and T.Shioyama, R.Itakura and K.Yamanouchi (*Keio Univ.)
P-6 Enhanced ionization of N2 molecule under the intense laser field
  T.Otobe* (*JAEA, Kansai Photon Science Inst.)
P-7 Theoretical Investigation of Dissociation Dynamics of C60 in Intense Near-Infrared Laser Fields
  H.Kono*, K.Nakai, R.Sahnoun, T.Hirose, Y.Fujimura and M.Tanaka (*Tohoku Univ.)
P-8 Time-resolved imaging of H2 (D2) nuclear wave packets
  Th.Ergler*, A.Rudenko, B.Feuerstein, K.Zrost, C.D.Schr・er, R.Moshammer and J.Ullrich (*Max-Planck Inst.)
P-9 Inelastic vibrational ionization of diatomics in intense laser fields
  A.Requate*, A.Becker and F.H.M.Faisal (*Max-Planck Inst.)
P-10 Ionization of complex molecules by intense laser pulses
  A.Jaron-Becker*, A.Becker and F.H.M.Faisal (*Technische Univ. Dresden)
P-11 Sequential Coulomb explosions of CH3OD3+ in intense laser fields
  P.Liu*, T.Okino, Y.Furukawa, R.Itakura, K.Yamanouchi, H.Nakano (*Univ. of Tokyo)
P-12 Ultrafast Hydrogen Motion of Methanol in an Intense Laser Field
  T.Okino*, Y.Furukawa, P.Liu, T.Ichikawa, R.Itakura, K.Hoshina, K.Yamanouchi, H.Nakano (*Univ. of Tokyo)
P-13 Coincidence momentum imaging of fixed-in-space H2S in ultrashort intense laser fields
  A.Hishikawa* and E.J.Takahashi (*Inst. for Molecular Science)
P-14 The C60 fullerene in intense laser fields: A prototype of a large, finite molecule
  C.P.Shulz*, I.Shchatsinin, M.Boyle, T.Laarmann, A.Stalmashonak, N.Zhavoronkov, I.V.Hertel (*Max-Born Inst.)
P-15 Alignment of Asymmetric Top Molecules in Intense Laser Fields: Asymmetry of Molecules and Anisotropy of Laser Fields
  N.Takemoto* and K.Yamanouchi (*Univ. of Tokyo)
P-16 Dynamical Hierarchy in Transitions of Chemical Reactions
  C.B.Li*, T.Komatsuzaki (*Kobe Univ.)
P-17 Connectivity graphs of potential energy surfaces
  T.Okushima*, T.Niiyama and Y.Shimizu (*Ritsumeikan Univ.)
P-18 Wavelet Analysis of Arnold-Web for Vibrational Energy Transfer in a Hamiltonian Dynamical System
  A.Shojiguchi* and M.Toda (*Nara Women's Univ.)
P-19 Supercontinuum generated by few-cycle pulses in argon and other gases
  W.Fuß*, E.Goulielmakis, K.Kosma, F.Krausz, S.Panja, M.Uiberacker, W.E.Schmid, S.A.Trushin (*Max-Planck Inst.)
P-20 Microscopic analysis of cluster plasma created by ultrashort, intense laser fields
  Y.Fukuda*, Y.Kishimoto, T.Masaki and K.Yamakawa (*JAEA, Kansai Photon Science Inst.)
P-21 Novel mechanism of electron injection into acceleration regime during the high intense laser pulse interaction with clusters
  Y.Fukuda*, Y.Akahane, M.Aoyama, H.Kiriyama, K.Yamakawa, M.Mori, M.Kando, H.Kotaki, S.Masuda, E.Yu.Echkina, I.N.Inovenkov, J.Koga, S.V.Bulanov and T.Tajima (*JAEA, Kansai Photon Science Inst.)
P-22 Development of Ultrafast Spatially-Resolved X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy System Using Laser-Produced-Plasma Source
  K.Oguri*, Y.Okano, T.Nishikawa and H.Nakano (*NTT Basic Research Lab.)
P-23 Coherent phonons in CdTe(111) crystal studied by femtosecond time-resolved X-ray diffraction and optical reflection
  K.G.Nakamura*, Y.Hironaka, J.Irisawa, J.Saito, K.Kondo, K.Ishioka and M.Kitajima (*Tokyo Inst. of Technology)
P-24 Energy reservoir effect in filamentation of femtosecond laser pulses
  E.Arevalo*, W.Liu, F.Theberge, J.F.Gravel, S.L.Chin and A.Becker (*Max-Planck Inst.)
P-25 Production of Short-Lived Radioisotope 13N Using a 2.4-TW Tabletop Laser
  H.Takahashi*, S.Okihara, M.Fujimoto, S.Ohsuka, K.Matsukado, S.Okazaki, T.Ito, S.Aoshima and Y.Tsuchiya (*REFOST, Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.)
P-26 Interference between the second and the third harmonics of CEP-stabilized few-cycle laser field
  H.Nakano* and A.Ishizawa (*NTT Basic Research Lab.)
P-27 Generation and Characterization of Ultrashort Electron Pulses
  C.T.Hebeisen*, R.E.Jordan, M.Harb, R.Ernstorfer, R.J.Dwayne Miller (*Univ. of Toronto)
P-28 Application, limitation, and distortion of shingle-shot electro-optical sampling techniques for measuring ultrashort charge particle beam
  Y.Li* and R.Crowell (*Argonne National Lab.)
P-29 Attosecond Basic Technology - the UK Research Programme
  M.J.Stankiewicz*, J.Steele-Davies, L.J.Frasinski, J.W.G.Tisch, J.P.Marangos (*Univ. of Reading)
P-30 Radiative Recombination in the Presence of a Few-Cycles Light Pulse
  S.Bivona*, R.Burlon, G.Ferrante and C.Leone (*Univ. of Palermo)
P-31 Primary Processes of Water Radiolysis and Photolysis
  D.A.Oulianov*, C.G.Elles, R.A.Crowell, I.A.Shkrob (*Argonne National Lab.)
P-32 The Canadian Advanced Laser Light Source (ALLS) National Facility
  J.P.Moreau* (*Univ. of Québec)
P-33 Dynamical Structure Transition of Cluster and Atomic Collective Motion
  T.Kobayashi*, Y.Shimizu, K.S.Ikeda, and S.Sawada(*Ritsumeikan University)